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Record a demonstration or performance when you need to capture a physical activity that cannot be conveyed through a screen presentation. Upload the video to your MediaSpace video streaming account where you can enable closed captions and share it with others. Instructors can link to it or embed it in a Brightspace course. Students can include a link to their videos in Brightspace assignment submissions or discussion posts. Everyone can share links to their videos in other ways (e.g., email).

Find equipment


All instructors with a Winona State University laptop can use the built in camera and microphone in the laptop to record video and audio. Although it may require a bit of trial-and-error to position the laptop properly, the built in camera and unidirectional microphone are of high quality and will result in a usable recording as long as they are pointed directly at a speaker. (The speaker should be within about 4 feet of the laptop.)

External cameras and microphones

TLT ( has a limited number of external cameras and tripods available for checkout. In times of high demand, we will not be able to check these out for long periods and you will need to schedule your recordings to allow us to share the cameras effectively. These external cameras plug into your laptop and allow for greater flexibility and range.


Although TLT does not have Apple and Android smartphones to check out for recording purposes, you might consider using your own phone to capture video and then upload the video from your phone to your MediaSpace account for sharing. TLT does have tripods for checkout that are designed to hold phones.

Recording software

Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture is the video capture tool included in your Kaltura MediaSpace account. All students and employees can install Capture on their laptops without cost.


TLT maintains a pool of TechSmith Camtasia licenses for faculty use on their Winona State University laptops. Instructors should contact TLT if they are interested in using Camtasia. This tool includes many more video production features and functions than Kaltura Capture for those interested in adding interactivity, annotations, sound tracks, and other enhancements to their videos.

Other apps

If you are using your phone to capture video, you have a native camera app already installed that records video. You may have also installed other video recording apps that you prefer. If you have any questions about the best mobile apps for video capture, contact TLT.

Uploading video to MediaSpace

Every Winona State University student and employee has a Kaltura MediasSpace account that can be used to store and share the recording.

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