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Each new tablet device issued to WSU students comes with an iBook that describes various features and benefits of using tablets in education. This page is designed to go hand-in-hand with the iBook and includes additional tips and references beyond the scope of the book itself.

Finding the 'right' application

The iPad iBook

Regardless of your major, with over a million apps in the App Store, there is likely a dead-cool application to help you in your studies. Finding that app can be rewarding in itself, but using it regularly just might have a real positive impact on your grade.

Listed below are some resources that can help you in your quest for that one app that will make your educational journey even more meaningful.


  • About the App Store includes information on the App Store and how to efficiently use it to find applications.

Videos from is a great place to find instructional videos on tons of subjects. The videos are short, to the point and, best of all, WSU has bought you a full subscription to

Here are some good videos on selecting applications for your iPad:

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