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Instructors can share in-person class meeting recordings as needed with students who are isolating or quarantining for COVID-related reasons. After uploading the recording to their MediaSpace account, it can be linked or embedded in a Brightspace course as content.

Recording hardware and software

When it comes to the hardware needed, there's no difference between recording a live class session and streaming it. Consult the streaming camera options and then contact TLT ( for assistance.

Recording software


Most instructors who are interested in recording their live class meetings will probably use Zoom to do the recording. In some cases, they will also be supporting live access to remote participants, so they will be using Zoom anyway. In other cases, this is simply a familiar, easy tool to use that is also connected to MediaSpace, streamlining the upload process. When you select Record to the Cloud in a Zoom meeting, the resulting recording is saved to the host's MediaSpace account automatically.

Kaltura Capture

Instructors can also use Kaltura Capture to record live class meetings. If you are using an external camera in the classroom, select that camera as an input device in the Capture tool. Many cameras also have built-in microphones so you may also switch the Capture microphone from your laptop to the external camera mic. Contact TLT ( and we can review setup options.

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