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About this article

This article provides an overview of the features and functions of the Zoom web conferencing system. It is intended for all WSU students and employees interested in conducting or attending online meetings using Zoom.

Recording your video

Zoom supports recording meetings to either your local computer and to the cloud. Meetings that are recorded to your local computer are stored as an MP4 and are available for your use and/or editing. When you record to the cloud, the video is automatically stored in your MediaSpace account.


Recording your Zoom meetings is easy.

To begin a recording...

  1. Click on the Record button in the toolbar on the bottom of the Zoom window.
  2. Select where the recording will be stored.
    1. Selecting Record to the Cloud will store the recording in your MediaSpace account. This should be the default way you store videos. Not only does it save you the step of moving the video up manually, but it also keeps the videos from gobbling up precious hard drive space.
    2. Selecting Record on this Computer will store the video on your computer. These recordings are converted to MP4 files after the meeting closes and are stored in the Documents/Zoom folder. Use this option if you need to do any major editing to the video before you post it.
  3. Record changes to Pause/Stop Recording and serves as the controls for stopping the recording.


Sharing your recording

  • If you chose to post to the cloud, your video should appear in MediaSpace. The process takes a little time (maybe more if there is a lot of other people posting and compressing at the same time), but you will eventually receive a message saying your video has posted. Once your Zoom recording is in MediaSpace, it is no different from any other MediaSpace recording. There are complete instructions on how to share a MediaSpace recording here.
  • If you stored to your computer, you will need to locate and upload it to MediaSpace (or another service like YouTube) before it can be shared. To locate Zoom recordings stored locally on your computer you will need to go into your Documents folder on your computer and locate the Zoom sub-folder. Within this folder will be session-folders (named by the date of your Zoom session). Within the session, a folder will be a file with the name Zoom_#.mp4 and this is your video file. If you store to MediaSpace, you can use the instructions on how to share a MediaSpace recording here. If you stored somewhere else, like YouTube, follow their instructions for sharing.

More information

More info from the Zoom support site

  • Additional information on recording to your computer is available at Local Recording.
  • Additional information on recording to the cloud is available at Cloud Recording.

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