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This message is designed to address an important problem we are continuing to see with D2L Quizzes. Problems with submitting quizzes and laptop lockup during exams occur more frequently on machines that were not fully shut down before the start of a D2L Quiz. On test day, students should shut down and restart their laptops in class, particularly if the wireless network is being used.

Other helpful tips to assure exams go smooth include:

  • Prior to test day, students should make sure they are using the latest version of LDB and update it if necessary. Instructions are posted on the D2L homepage.
  • Prior to the first test each semester, consider asking students to use LDB to take a practice quiz outside of class to ensure that any individual technical issues are resolved in time.
  • Remind students to save their responses frequently during the test session. If students have been saving their responses and are disconnected from the network or experience technical problems during a test, they can shut down and restart their laptops, restart LDB, and continue the test without data loss.
  • Remind students that quiz submission in D2L is a two-step process: students select the Go to Submit Quiz button to go to the Quiz Submission Confirmation screen. Then, they select the Submit Quiz button. Some students forget the second step. Again, a practice quiz will help here.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact TLT.