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Fig 1. Quiz start screen

About this article

This article provides instructions for students on using Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) to take a quiz in Brightspace. It may also be of interest to instructors who are asking their students to use LDB to take Brightspace tests and quizzes.

What's LDB?

LDB is a special web browser that can only be used to navigate to Brightspace for the purpose of taking a test or quiz. When you select Start on a quiz that has been configured by your instructor to use LDB, it launches LDB automatically and you will have limited access to your computer until you submit the quiz.

Five things every student should know about LDB and Brightspace quizzes

  1. Install/update early. If your instructor requires LDB, you should install/update it in advance to allow enough time to test it and seek technical help if needed. Many instructors provide a demo quiz that you can use to make sure LDB is functioning properly before you take any real quizzes. Respondus releases new versions of LockDown Browser frequently. Plan on upgrading a few times each semester.
  2. Reboot your laptop. If your laptop is running or in sleep mode when you enter the testing room, shut your laptop down completely and reboot. You must start your laptop from the power off mode in order to establish a proper network connection. If you don't do this, LDB may lock up during the test.
  3. Saving your answers. Brightspace automatically saves your answers as you type them. Most question types are autosaved when you select an answer, the one exception is the Written Response questions that are autosaved every 10-15 seconds while you are composing. If you lose your Internet connection during the quiz, your answers are buffered and then autosaved when the Internet connect is restored.
  4. Stay calm. If your laptop freezes up or crashes during a LDB quiz, stay calm. If you have been saving your answers, they are all safe and sound in Brightspace as an Attempt in progress. Reboot your laptop, log in to D2L, and resume your quiz.
  5. Be honest. During a Brightspace quiz administered on our campus network with or without LDB, your network activity is being logged. Your instructors can access some of that log information from within Brightspace and our WSU network engineers can provide a much more detailed picture of what was happening on the network while you were taking your quiz. These logs allow us to identify cheating on Brightspace quizzes with 100% accuracy. Please make good choices and follow the WSU Academic Integrity Policy.

Using LDB to take a quiz in D2L

  1. If you are a Mac user and your Dock does not automatically hide when you scroll off it, you will want to change your configuration or your Dock may cover the button to start your quiz. Open the System Preferences an go to the Dock screen. Make sure Automatically hide and show the Dock is selected.
  2. Log into Brightspace with a regular browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox), select the course and navigate to the quiz.
  3. From the quiz start screen (Fig 1), select the Launch LockDown Browser button to start the quiz.
  4. If you need to install/upgrade LDB, you will be prompted to do so. Follow the instructions and then repeat Step 2.

Downloading LDB

Respondus releases new versions of LockDown Browser frequently. Plan on upgrading a few times each semester.

You can download and install LDB anytime at

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