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Professors can watch students take quizzes through Zoom while the students are in the LockDown Browser. The instructor and students meet in the video conferencing application at a specified time. When ready, the instructor provides students a start code for the online exam – students start LockDown Browser from there. The instructor can then watch students via the video conference system for the duration of the exam.

Configuring your quiz to allow for Zoom proctoring

Quiz proctoring
Setting up quiz proctoring

Create your quiz the same way that you normally would. (For information on quiz creation, check this article.) Then, ...

  1. Go Assessments > Quizzes.
  2. Go to the LockDown Browser tab. (It will take a little while for the list of quizzes to appear.)
  3. Click on the arrow to the left of the desired quiz's name and select Settings.
  4. Select Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam. (See A in the figure at right.)
  5. Select Allow instructor live proctoring for this exam... (See B.)
  6. Select Zoom for your video conferencing system. (See C.)
  7. If you wish to use a start code for the quiz, define it in the Start code field. (See D.)
  8. Scroll to the bottom and click Save + Close.

Conducting a quiz with live proctoring

Here are the instructions Respondus provides regarding administering the quiz:

  • Provide students the instructions for downloading and installing LockDown Browser
  • Convey to students that LockDown Browser and a video conferencing system will be used for online exams. (Important: Schedule a practice exam where everything can be tried by the class in advance.)
  • Locate the LockDown Browser Dashboard in the learning system, select "Require LockDown Browser for this exam," select "Allow" live proctoring for this exam ..." and then supply a "Start Code" (which prevents students from starting the exam early).
  • Use your normal process to create a meeting for the video conferencing system (Zoom, Teams, etc.). Distribute the meeting information to students prior to the exam.
  • At the scheduled time, take attendance and confirm you can see and hear all students in the video conferencing system. When ready, provide the Start Code to students to commence the exam.
  • Remind students the video conferencing system will continue to run in the background, enabling you to see and hear them during the exam. However, they will be unable to access the system during the exam. It is up to you to ensure students stay in the video conference during the exam.

Special note regarding quizzing on iPads

While LockDown Browser supports quizzing on iPads, iPads cannot run Zoom and LDB at the same time.

If you still wish to support quizzing on iPads and you want to live-proctor the quiz through Zoom, here are a couple alternatives:

  • Have the student move to a Mac, PC, or Chromebook for the quiz.
  • Have the student use a second device for the video conferencing.

Alternately, you could have the students shut down the video conferencing on their iPad and take the quiz without proctoring if you are comfortable with that.

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