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WSU students using D2L Brightspace to take quizzes in their courses.


Students use the Brightspace Quizzes tool to take quizzes, test, and exams in courses within the Brightspace application.

IMPORTANT: Many instructors will require you to use Respondus LockDown Browser for exams and it is vital that you keep this browser up to date. For a more complete set of instructions related to using LockDown Browser, refer to the Using LockDown Browser to take a Brightspace quiz article.

Accessing Quizzes

To access your quizzes you will need to follow the steps below.

1. Turn off and on your Wi-Fi access before you begin an exam from the room you will be taking the exam. This logs you on to the local wireless hub in the room and will bump you up to the faster connection. If you have time before the exam or had your device on for several days completely shut down the device and restart. As your device comes back online make sure to shut down any applications if your instructor will be using LockDown Browser for this quiz.

2. Log into the Brightspace course in which you are taking your exam and select Assessments from the navigation menu.

3. Choose the Quizzes option from this menu.

4. From the list of quizzes, click on the name (this is a link) of the quiz you are assigned to take.

5. If you are required to use LockDown Browser it will have a button to Launch LockDown Browser otherwise, you will click on the Start Quiz! button.

Taking the Quiz

The following video shows the process of taking an exam within Brighspace. This video also covers the process of viewing your results after the exam has been completed.

How did I do?

Here are the steps for viewing feedback and finding your grade for your quizzes and tests.

  1. Go to Assessments on the navigation bar.
  2. Select Quizzes.
  3. To access your results on a quiz, click on the little arrow to the right of the desired quiz and select Submissions (see image below).Submissions.PNG
  4. Once you see the list of quiz attempts you made, click on the Attempt # to see the score you received and, if the instructor has included additional feedback, more details on your success.

Note: Each instructor decides what view they are willing to display. By default, you will only see the score you achieved on the quiz. In some cases, your professor will allow you to see the questions you answered incorrectly, correctly, with answers, or without the correct answers.

Potential Problems and How to Handle Them

Thousands of WSU students take Brightspace quizzes in class each semester and technical problems are rare. Below are a number of the most common problems with solutions to fix these problems.

  • Install/update Lockdown Browser ahead of time. This can be updated/installed in a couple of minutes prior to starting the quiz. Simply go to Assessments >> Quizzes and open the quiz. At the bottom of the page is a link to download the latest version of Lockdown Browser. Once you have it installed you should quit the browser session and restart the browser. Go back into Brightspace and continue taking the quiz.
  • Quiz freezes and/or the quiz cannot be submitted. If you can't scroll up or down on a quiz page or cannot submit a quiz simply close your browser, restart it, log back into Brightspace, and resume the quiz. Answers are saved automatically, so you will not lose any of your work.
  • Cannot re-enter the quiz after a restart. This usually means that the quiz end time, timer has elapsed, or the password has been changed. Talk to your professor about getting access too the quiz.
  • Web browser issues. If you cannot get into a quiz and nothing seems to work, try a different web browser. There may be some problem with your preferred browser that needs technical attention. Brightspace is approved for use on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, all of which are pre-installed on all WSU laptops, as is Microsoft Edge.
  • All hell breaks loose. Before you throw in the towel, call TLT (tlt@winona.edu). We will run over to your class and help you.

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