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Instructors can use the Quizzes Tool to manage Brightspace tests and quizzes. Instructors can maintain a library of quiz questions, create quizzes using multiple question types, set quiz properties (e.g., availability, time limit, special access conditions), provide students with feedback, connect quizzes with corresponding columns in their grade book, review descriptive statistics and other analytics, and make scoring adjustments on submitted quiz attempts.

Access the tool

  1. Sign in to D2L Brightspace and open a course.
  2. From the Assessments menu, select Quizzes (Fig. 1). Instructors can also select Quizzes from the Course Admin page (Fig 2).


How do I change scores on completed quiz attempts?

After administering a Brightspace test or quiz and reviewing the quiz statistics, you may discover that you need to make adjustments to question scoring and recalculate the total quiz scores for some or all of your students. You can do this in Brightspace by editing a specific student's quiz attempt manually and by applying changes to all attempts automatically. Review this article for detailed instructions.

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