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Intended Audience

This article is intended for instructors interested in using the Brightspace Quiz tool with Respondus Monitor to take exams.


Respondus Monitor is a function of the Respondus Lockdown Browser that allows faculty to monitor student exams at a distance using a built-in laptop camera or connected webcam. The system can be configured to have students capture a photo image of yourself, take a picture of their ID, show a video of their testing environment, and validate their image as they take the exam. Respondus Monitor flags suspicious behavior and uses advanced data analysis to determine which exam sessions require the greatest level of attention by instructors.

Note: Respondus strongly encourages a practice exam the day before you do your actual exam. Also, please encourage students to download the newest version of LDB in your directions and correspondence as this is where we typically see problems. Most students don't realize how often this browser is updated to assure the highest security measures are in place.

Activating Respondus Monitor tool

You configure Respondus Monitor in the Brightspace Quizzes tool.

1. Go to Assessments menu and select Quizzes.

2. Select the LockDown Browser tab.

3. If this is your first time using LockDown Browser (LDB) you will see in the bottom right corner of the screen you will see the Continue to LockDown Browser button (Note: this can take a while for this to load)

4. Your quizzes will be listed here and you will need to select the Setting from the pulldown menu to the left of your quiz name.

5. Within the settings, you will need to choose the following.

  • Choose to Require Respondus LockDown for this exam (see letter A in the clip below)
  • Set password (see B). Note: if you are making Respondus Monitor mandatory (see next step), you will be given the option to not use a password otherwise a password will be required.
  • In the Monitor section, you can Require all to use Respondus Monitor for this exam or give the option use Monitor or use in a proctored setting (see C).
  • Under Startup Sequence (see D) you will be required to use Webcam Check and Facial Detection Check, but all other options can be configured based on your requirements. (see the Respondus video in Related Resources section below that provides details on each of these settings). Note: Please make sure to remind your students that only WSU Student ID's should be used if you choose to activate an ID requirement.
  • You can choose (see E) to not require an image to be detected during startup and notify students that they cannon be detected during the exam.
  • Under Advanced Settings (see F), you can choose to allow microphone use and set webcam videos available for viewing on mobile devices.

6. Save and close.


6. Once you have completed the process of setting up Respondus Monitor your quiz should look this way.

Quiz with Respondus Monitor.JPG

Viewing Student Video

To view webcam recordings instructors can access these by following the directions below.

1. Go to Assessments and choose Quizzes.

2. Choose LockDown Browser tab (Note: this can take some time to load the LDB Dashboard).

2. From the context menu to the left of the quiz title, select Class Results.

3. Students will be listed here along with the review priority, date, time, and duration of each quiz.

4. Click + to expand the section for a student.

5. Click a thumbnail (see clip below) to view the video from the time indicated. Videos can be marked as reviewed and comments added by the instructor.

Monitor Viewing.JPG

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