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Intended Audience

This article is intended for students required to use the Brightspace Quiz tool with Respondus Monitor to take exams.


Respondus Monitor is a function of the Respondus Lockdown Browser that uses your built-in laptop camera or connected webcam to record you while you are taking an exam. Monitor can be configured by your instructor to require you to capture a photo image of yourself, take a picture of their ID, require you to show the testing environment you are taking the exam, and validate your identity as you take the exam. Respondus Monitor flags suspicious behavior and uses advanced data analysis to determine which exam sessions require the greatest level of attention by instructors. Note: Respondus strongly encourages you to take the practice exam your instructors have set up for you before you do your actual exam. If you were not given the opportunity to conduct a practice exam, always install a new version of Lockdown Browser before you being.

This video provides an introduction to the Lockdown Browser and how Respondus Monitor will work on your device.

Taking a Brightspace Quiz with Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor tool

Before begging any D2L Brightspace quiz, make sure you are running the most current version of Lockdown Browser. If you have an older version it will not work and you certainly will not be able to take the exam.

The following video covers the Repspondus Monitor launch process.

Note: If at any time you are having problems with Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor you should be given the Help Center button and you should choose the LockdDown Browser and WebCam option for live help during your exam.

This article Rspondus Monitor Student Support provides a quick reference to common problems found at launch.

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