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Sometimes Desire2Learn quiz attempts are not updated over to the grade book automatically. In these cases the attempt has been saved in D2L, but the score was not set to be graded automatically or exported to the Grade tool and will now need to be manually updated. To update and send this to the D2L Grade tool by following the steps below.

Steps for Updating Quiz Attempts to Grade Tool

1. Go the to D2L Assessments tab.

2. Select the Quizzes link.

3. Click on the black arrow to the right of the Quiz you need. Next select Grade button. Under "Restrict to", make sure "All Users" is selected.


4. Next select all your students by checking the small box to the left of the trash can at the top of your class list.

5. Then click on Published icon at the top of the page. Next hit Update button at bottom of the page.

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Note: Sometimes you have to click the publish button on and off again before the grades are published in the gradebook.

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