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Intended Audience

This article is intended for instructors interested in using the Brightspace Quiz tool to manually grade student submissions on a completed exam.


Often items on an exam need to be manually re-graded or items need to be dropped from the quiz.

Changing grades in Quiz tool

1. Select Quizzes from the Assessment menu of your Brightspace course

2. Select the name of the quiz from your list of quizzes

3. To the right of your quiz name is a context menu with Grade as one of the options.


4. From the Users tab (i.e. the default view when you enter) you will see the attempts listed below each of your student's names (e.g. Attempt 1 in the clip below).

D2L Quiz Grading.JPG

5. Select the attempt you would like to grade and you will see the quiz as the student filled out each question.

6. You can manually grade the entire exam as well as individual items on the exam as you work down each of the questions.

7. After grading is complete for each exam you can select the Update button in the bottom left corner and that exam will be regraded.

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