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Learning Opportunities

This includes all TLT services and resources related to helping WSU students and employees learn how to use supported technology effectively.

Personal Help On Demand

  • Learning Space Emergency Response Service. TLT provides immediate assistance for technology problems that occur in campus learning spaces during academic, administrative, and special events.
    • Winona Main Campus. Classrooms have phones with instructions for requesting immediate assistance. Instructors and meeting facilitators call x5240 Option 2, which rings in the Maxwell Professional Resource Center. TLT staff monitor this phone line during core and extended evening/weekend hours. Although some physical learning space problems can be resolved remotely, staff typically respond on-site. TLT monitors active ITV meetings that include Winona main campus endpoints using a computer-based system, the TANDBERG Management Suite. TLT also responds to problems related to audio and Web conferences that include Winona main campus endpoints.
    • Rochester Campus. A Rochester-based TLT staff member provides immediate assistance for problems involving Rochester campus ITV rooms. This staff member uses the TANDBERG Management Suite to monitor all active ITV meetings that include Rochester campus endpoints, providing immediate remote or on-site help as needed.
  • Help Desk Service. TLT responds to individual requests for assistance related to the use of campus academic and administrative technologies. Requests are received via email, phone, and drop-in/scheduled visits. This service dovetails with the help desk managed by the Technical Support Center in Somsen Hall. The nature of the calls directed to TLT differ in that they primarily deal with the proper use of fully-functional campus technologies. Support for employees is managed by TLT staff in the Professional Resource Center in Maxwell Hall. Support for students is managed by TLT staff in the Digital Learning Center in Somsen Hall and by staff in the Multimedia Lab in Maxwell Hall. Staff meet with individuals in person and monitor dedicated email addresses (tlt@winona.edu, dlc@winona.edu) and phone lines (x2900) during core hours. Extended student support is also offered by the Digital Learning Center during weekday evening hours. TLT staff travel to WSU-Rochester to provide on-site help as needed and some staff maintain regular weekday hours at WSU Rochester. TLT can provide remote desktop support using the screen/application sharing capabilities of Zoom .
  • Consultation Service. TLT staff provide professional consultation within their areas of expertise to students and employees with general questions about the application of technology.

Scheduled Programming

  • General Event Service. TLT staff develop, schedule, and teach training and professional development programs open to all WSU employees and students. These sessions focus on improving the technology-related knowledge, skills, and abilities that best support university goals and objectives. TLT staff collaborate with other groups on campus to develop and schedule programs that best meet university needs. Students and employees register for programs online and can attend sessions in person or using Web conferencing. All programs are captured and available online for self-service access.
  • Customized Event Service. TLT staff develop, schedule, and teach customized training and professional development programs for specific campus groups and projects. These sessions focus on meeting well-defined training needs associated with certain academic courses or programs, departmental professional development objectives, or critical campus projects. Examples include:
    • Course-Specific Student Workshops. Digital Learning Center staff work with an instructor of an Immunology course to develop and deliver a workshop for her students on how to use Inspiration to build a visual map of the major course concepts.
    • Departmental Professional Development Workshops. TLT staff work with supervisors in Facilities Services to develop and deliver workshops designed to help people in that department manage their email more effectively.
    • Project-Specific Workshops. TLT staff work with ITS User Services to develop training to support the summer laptop distribution process. The training covers new features and functions of both the laptop and operating system.
  • External Event Hosting Service. TLT staff promote, schedule, and facilitate learning events sponsored by external groups such as the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative and the New Media Consortium.

Self-Service Online Learning

  • Whenever possible, those in need of help are directed to online instructions that either replace or supplement the work of TLT staff. Online instructions are often created in response to individual help requests.
  • RSS Feed Services
  • TKB
  • Lynda.com

Learning Spaces

This includes all TLT services and resources related to designing and maintaining campus learning spaces.

Academic Project Management and Support

Course and Design

Multimedia Lab

Academic Application Development

Learning Space Design and Maintenance

  • Location: Maxwell Professional Resource Center (faculty & staff) and Somsen 207 (students)
  • TLT was created to combine e-Learning, Media Services and e-Warrior Digital Learning Commons together as one department to serve the faculty, staff and students of WSU.
  • Teaching, Learning, and Technology Services empowers the entire campus community to utilize technology effectively by providing a wide range of learning opportunities, designing and maintaining engaging learning spaces, managing academic and workplace technology projects, and exploring new technologies that enrich digital life and learning.
  • TLT provides faculty, staff, and students with opportunities to learn more about the technological tools provided through the E-Warrior Digital Life and Learning Program.
  • In addition to providing learning opportunities and support for academic technology projects, TLT offers a number of ongoing services to the campus community.
  • Teaching, Learning, and Technology Services provides support for projects involving the instructional application of technology
  • Teaching, Learning, and Technology Services helps design, install, and maintain instructional technology in all campus classrooms and other learning spaces.

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