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Kaltura releases new versions of Kaltura Capture periodically. For this reason, it is a best practice to get the latest version of Capture at least once per semester.

Installing the latest version

  1. In your favorite browser, open https://mediaspace.minnstate.edu/.
  2. From the Add New menu at the top right of the window, select Kaltura Capture. This is the same step you would take if you were capturing a new video for posting. (See Figure 1 below.)
  3. When you see the recorder window, select either Download for Windows or Download for Mac from the bottom of the window. (See Figure 2 below.)
  4. If you are asked, allow the download to proceed.
  5. Open the installer from your Downloads folder and follow the install procedure.

Major updates

If a major update becomes available during the school year, you will be contacted by TLT with specific instructions.

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More information

For more information on MediaSpace, refer to the Kaltura MediaSpace overview article.

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