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Intended Audience

WSU instructors currently using Brightspace and interested in Assignments Submission Folders (formerly Dropboxes) in their Brightspace courses.


The Brightspace Assignments tool is an electronic storage space where students can submit documents and assignments. Assignments Submission Folders will accept most file formats including .doc, PDF, PowerPoint, QuickTime movie files and audio files. Student submissions are date and time stamped. This tool is also helpful when managing due dates or deadlines.

Using annotation

Providing feedback to Assignments

There are several ways you can provide feedback to submissions in Assignments. Most work online to grade papers and other files. Other times you may be working in a space where the internet connection is poor or you do not have access and want to work on grading offline. The following videos explain how you can assess submissions, whether you grade them online or choose to download, grade offline, and upload grades and feedback once you are connected.

Providing feedback right in the Assignments tool

Grade submissions to an Assignment submission folder

Downloading Assignments submissions and working offline

Grade Assignment submissions Offline


Annotate an Assignment submission in Brightspace

Annotating a Brightspace assignment submission

Microsoft Office Lens

Assignments in Brightspace courses


Draw and write with ink in Office

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