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Many of these video conferencing tips and tricks come from our faculty in Communication Studies. Use them to enhance your online meeting experience, make a professional impression, and conserve bandwidth for others on your network. Hosting and participating in online meetings is an important professional skill that can improve work relationships, decision-making, and productivity.

Tips for a successful video conference

Before the meeting

  1. Find a stable spot for your laptop or phone, other than your lap, so your camera doesn't jiggle.
  2. Preferably sit without a window behind you so we can see your face and so the camera can focus well without the shifts between the bright window and you when you move.
  3. Tell your meeting organizer if there is a reason why you can’t be recorded.
  4. Feel free to arrive early to check your audio and video before the official meeting starts.
  5. Comb your hair and brush your teeth to wake up your smile before the meeting.
  6. Keep your earbuds with a microphone nearby since they help reduce background noise.

During the meeting

  1. Mute when you are not speaking.
  2. Turning your video off and just using audio will conserve bandwidth on your network for others (e.g., roommates, family) to use.
  3. Using lots of hand gestures in front of the camera will slow down the video.
  4. Use chat to ask questions.
  5. Give a thumbs up when asked if you can hear.
  6. Silence your phone.
  7. Speak a little more slowly than usual for more clarity.

How to look good on a webcam

This clip refers to recording video using your laptop camera, but the tips also apply to live video streaming.

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