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The WSU support service catalog includes a variety of options for answering your technology-related questions and getting the most from the hardware, software, and services available at Winona State University

Two great teams, same great service

WSU ITS includes two teams of professionals dedicated to helping you: the Technical Support Center (TSC) and Teaching, Learning, and Technology Services (TLT). They work together very closely but are organized around two distinct missions.


The TSC helps you resolve technical problems related to laptop and desktop hardware, installed software, and online services. Can't sign in to your laptop? Keys on your keyboard sticking? Getting an error when trying to install Adobe Photoshop? Need a new power cord or adapter? The TSC technicians can help.


TLT helps you learn how to use the technology available through WSU. They are also responsible for all campus audiovisual (AV) technology and digital signage. Need help with a presentation in PowerPoint? Trying to upload a video for class to your MediaSpace account? Have a question about setting up a quiz in D2L Brightspace? Looking for a class or workshop on how to manage your digital footprint? Want to improve your online meeting skills using Zoom? Need help planning a campus event that will include AV technology? Want to advertise your event on our digital signage system? TLT educators, instructional designers, and AV engineers can help.

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