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Laptop Walk-In Support is one of the major support areas within the Technical Support Center, located in Somsen 207. When visiting Walk-In Support, you will be greeted by one of our Welcome Desk STARS (Student Technology and Resource Specialists). A call will be created that is queued into our tracking software. Once the call is created you will be seated in our Welcome Desk area. A technician will be out to help you promptly.

Laptop Walk-In Support is staffed with qualified full time laptop technicians and trained part time STARS. If your laptop cannot be repaired quickly, another laptop will be loaned to you. If you are experiencing a software problem, the technicians will do their best to repair the problem. If the resolution to the software problem cannot be achieved quickly, the option of reloading part of the software or a total re-image to restore the laptop to its original configuration will be offered.

Note: Technical Support Center will only support WSU issued laptops.