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What is Web Based Printing?


Web based Printing allows WSU students to print from any device that has a web browser, as long as the device is connected to the warrior network. This is especially useful for graduate and part-time students who are not enrolled in our eWarrior Program (and do not have a school laptop). This being said, everyone is welcome to use web based printing!

While all web based printing is done through the print.winona.edu (Print Manager Plus!) website, included here are instructions for printing from laptops, Android devices, and Apple devices.

Web Based Printing from your Laptop

  • Log in with your StarID and password


  • From here you can print, check your campus printing balance and history, and view many types of user reports.
  • Students requiring assistance may talk with employees at the DLC front desk, located on the first floor of Krueger Library. Otherwise, call Tech Support at (507) 457-5240.

Web Based Printing from your Android Device

  • For web-based printing from an Android device go to print.winona.edu on a web browser. You may get a warning that the page is unsafe, but it is secure so choose the continue option.
  • NOTE: The print.winona.edu page may take a few minutes to load, so be patient.
  • Once the page loads you should see the below screen. Then enter your StarID and password and tap 'Log in'.


  • After you login chose the print tab at the top left of the page.
  • Then choose 'Select File to Upload' and pick the file you want to print. After it loads hit the next button.


  • From here you need to select the printer you're printing from and can choose the number of copies and pages per sheet you want. Hit next and you're document will begin to print.


Web Based Printing from your Apple Device

iOS 11 or later

1. Open a browser and type in print.winona.edu. (Do not include http(s):// or www.) This page may take a 1-2 minutes to load.
2. Log in with your StarID and password.
3. You are now at the Print Manager Plus! (PMP) homepage.
4. Tap on the Print tab in the menu bar. Then, tap on Select File to Upload.
5. You have the options Take a Photo or Video, Photo Library, and Browse. The Browse option gives you access to iCloud Drive storage, as well as any online storage accounts you have linked to your iPhone.
6. After selecting your file(s), tap on the circular button to the left of the first file you would like to print. Tap on the blue Next button.
7. Here you will select a printer. Then, enter in the number of copies you would like, the number of pages per sheet, and double- or single-sided printing. When done, tap on the blue Next button.
8. Review your printing job, then tap on Print Now.
9. Repeat steps 4 through 8 for any additional files that you have to print.

iOS 10 or earlier

  • You will need to upload the files you want to print to the OneDrive for Business iPhone app. This is associated with your student email, and every WSU student gets one terabyte of free storage.
  • After you've uploaded your document and are connected to the warrior network, open a web browser on your Apple device and go to print.winona.edu. NOTE: The Print Manager Plus! web page may take 1-2 minutes to load.
  • Once the page has loaded it may give you a warning that it's not secure. The page is secure so you can ignore the warning and will be prompted to sign in with your StarID and password.

1. Sign in to the Print Manager Plus! (PMP) web site with your StarID and password.

2. After you sign in tap the print tab in the top left corner. Then you will need to choose the file you want to print.

3. From the drop down menu you will want to enable One Drive, and open it to see your OneDrive files. T

4. Next you will see a page that has the printing details. Choose the printer you want to print from and tap next. After that, your document will start printing.

Log out of Print Manager Plus!


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