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Session Information

  • Level - Intermediate, Introduction to Qualtrics workshop required
  • Intended Audience - Instructors interested in integrating online surveys into their courses
  • Time - 50 minutes

Before the Session

Before the Session: This session is hands-on, so please bring your laptop if possible. If you cannot bring a laptop, one will be provided for you. In order to get the most out of this session, we encourage you to create a Qualtrics account before attending the workshop.

General Description

Qualtrics is a Web-based tool that can be used to create and distribute online polls and surveys. Qualtrics is easy to use, supports multiple question types and designs, and offers basic summary statistics and graphical data displays. Although students cannot distribute Quatrics surveys, they do have access to all survey creation features and can share surveys they create with their instructors. This allows faculty to use Quatrics to support student research projects and related instructional activities. Faculty can also use Qualtrics to administer course-related polls and surveys. In this introductory workshop, you will get your own Qualtrics account and learn how to build and distribute basic surveys. Specific academic applications will also be covered, including restricting survey access to class rosters, adding Qualtrics polls and surveys to D2L courses, and supporting student research projects.

Learning Outcomes

Following this session, you will be able to...

  • List three potential instructional applications of Qualtrics
  • List three differences between Quatrics and other campus survey tools (e.g., SharePoint and D2L surveys)
  • Navigate and login to the Quatrics site
  • Build a basic survey that includes multiple question types
  • Apply basic question properties (e.g., number of responses, automatic responses)
  • Add text-only items (e.g., survey instructions)
  • Apply basic skip and display logic
  • Collaborate with others on survey construction
  • Manage survey distribution settings and launch a survey
  • Create a respondent panel from a course roster
  • Embed a survey or poll into a D2L course
  • Understand the differences between students and faculty Qualtrics access
  • Implement a student survey research project into a course
  • Close surveys and access survey results

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