Adding a networked printer

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About this article

This article provides the steps needed to add a network printer for students or faculty. Before you can print to a printer, the printer must be installed. You will need to do this for each printer that you will want to print to. Once the printer is installed, you will see it listed as a choice of where you can print to.

Find and Install a Network Printer

Windows 10 PC

Windows 8 PC

  • Go to the Start Screen
  • Under Utilities, find the Tiles for Add Student Printer or Add Faculty and Staff Printers.
  • Select the Tile appropriate for you.


  • Type the building name in Location to narrow the search of printer names.
  • Select the printer from the list. The name of the printer should be located on the printer somewhere. If it is not, you can call Tech Support @ 457-5240.

The following video walks you through the process for adding a networked printer.

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