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Winona State University Information Technology services supports three tools that can be used to administer a survey: Qualtrics, Microsoft Forms, and the Brightspace Survey Tool. All students and employees have access to Qualtrics and Forms, but only employees with Teacher access to a Brightspace course can create and administer surveys using the Brightspace Survey Tool.

Supported survey tools


Qualtrics is an online, professional survey research tool that supports all types of surveys. It includes dozens of question types, distribution options, and reports. Qualtrics includes tools for conducting simple descriptive analysis and visualizations. Survey data can be exported into multiple formats, including Excel and SPSS. Qualtrics is a good tool for supporting complex surveys with multiple question types, branching, skip patterns, and other features.


Microsoft Forms is part of our Winona State University Office 365 license and can be accessed through your Office 365 web dashboard. All students and employees can create simple polls and forms using this tool and send them to anyone via email and other sharing options. Results are stored online, where you can view them live and export them as an Excel file. Forms is a good way to administer very simple polls quickly.

Brightspace Survey Tool

The Survey Tool in Brightspace mirrors the Quiz Tool, except that the questions do not have answers. Instructors can access the Survey Tool by opening a Brightspace course and selecting Surveys from the Assessments menu. Begin creating a survey by selecting the New Survey button. Brightspace surveys are a good way to gather data from students in your courses to stimulate discussion, measure student attitudes and viewpoints, or support other class activities. Your surveys can be anonymous or student results can be identified. You can also attach feedback to survey items that your students can receive immediately or at a time of your choosing.

IRB approval

You are responsible for obtaining IRB approval from our Grants and Sponsored Projects office for any survey that requires it.

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