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Adobe® Bridge CS4/CS5 software is a powerful media manager that provides centralized access to all your creative assets. Bridge is available in the following individual professional creative products and Adobe Creative Suite.

It is automatically installed when a WSU student installs any of the adobe products, such as Photoshop.

Its primary purpose is to link the parts of the Creative Suite together using an interface similar to the file browser found in previous versions of Adobe Photoshop. It is accessible from all other components of the Creative Suite; however you can access files throughout your entire computer.

Our internal Help Pages Include

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Other Resources

Video Tutorials on How to Use Bridge

Included are these:

  • Introducing Bridge CS4: Discover how to efficiently preview, manage, and find creative assets using Bridge CS4, the visual media management tool. Runtime : 00:07:54
  • Working with metadata and keywords: Learn how to add metadata and keywords to files and use the information to filter and search for assets. Runtime : 00:05:45
  • Previewing and comparing images: Preview and compare photos in Review mode, a full-screen view that displays images in a rotating “carousel” you can navigate interactively. Runtime : 00:04:50
  • Creating a web photo gallery: Create a web photo gallery using built-in HTML and Flash templates that you can customize, preview, and upload directly to an FTP server. Runtime : 00:04:39
  • Creating FLV and F4V files: Learn to create and optimize FLV files in Adobe Media Encoder, After Effects, and Adobe Premier Pro. Runtime : 00:04:23
  • Creating an event DVD: Learn how to streamline a DVD project using Creative Suite Production Premium. Save time by using Dynamic Link to move data between Adobe Premiere Pro, Bridge, and Encore. Runtime : 00:10:00

For general support on Bridge CS5 from Adobe: Go Here...