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The Brightspace Seating Chart tool

Brightspace seating charts provide a visual representation of your classroom seating arrangement. You can activate and deactivate seats to mimic the physical layout of your class and assign learners permanent spots in the chart.

The Brightspace Seating Chart tool allows you to

  • build seating charts for your class,
  • attach the seating charts to class meetings or other events in the Calendar, and
  • track things like the number of times you called on people without them being volunteers or record class attendance.

Using the seating chart, you can view and track learner performance, attendance, and participation for your course and group events on a session-by-session basis. You can also monitor response rates of learners when they are called on in class unsolicited (also known as a cold call).

You will find the Seating Chart tool under the Communication tab in the main navigation bar in each of your courses as well as under Course Admin within the Learner Management category. If you have a custom navigation bar in your course, refer to Adding Seating Char to your custom navigation bar below.

The video overview of the Seating Chart tool on the right recaps these features.

Overview of the Seating Chart Tool


Locations sample
Fig. 1 Sample Location. White squares represent seats students can use, grey squares are reserved areas where students cannot sit.

Seating Charts are built using Locations. Locations are predefined maps of the classrooms, each showing the seating arrangement in a specific classroom. Squares in the location represent seating areas in the room. White squares are spots in the room where students can sit. Grey squares are spaces between rows, spots where desks do not exist, or places that have been reserved to ensure social distancing. See Figure 1 at the right.

TLT has created Locations for the classrooms on campus. If your classroom is not found on the list or there have been changes to the classroom layout, contact TLT.

Creating your seating chart

You can create seating charts for your classes right inside Brightspace using the Seating Chart tool.

There are complete instructions in the article entitled Create Brightspace seating charts.

Updating your seating chart

When students add or drop or the seating arrangement changes in you class, you will need to update your seating chart.

You can find complete instructions for updating your current seating chart at Update Brightspace seating charts.

Viewing and printing your seating chart

You may wish to print a version of your seating chart or save a copy for future reference.

Check out View Brightspace seating charts for instructions on how to accomplish this.

Attaching your seating chart to the calendar

You can attach seating charts to specific events within your course calendar. This gives you the ability to create and use different seating charts for varied class meetings, like one chart for lecture and a different chart for lab days.

More information will be made available on connecting seating charts and calendar events in the future.

Adding Seating Chart to your custom navigation bar

Seating Chart has been added to the default navigation bar within Brightspace. If you have modified the default navigation bar for your course and are no longer using the default, you can add Seating Chart by following the instructions in the Customizing Course Navigation article in this Knowledge Base.

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