Capturing a Movie on your iPad

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About this article

This article provides an overview of how to capture video from a tablet. This article includes step by step directions for using the Camera app to capture video. This article is intended for all audiences.


In this article, we will look at the steps in recording a video and how to post the video to share with your professor, your classmates, and your friends.

Video Capture

Here are a couple articles that will help you capture quality video on your iPad:

iMovie is a great package for editing your movie and producing a final product. Here is an overview of iMovie:

Publishing Our Video

Some Things to Consider

  • Videos get big. Fast. On your iPad Mini, plan on using about 80 MB of space for every minute of video. That maybe doesn't sound like a big deal, but that means your iPad Mini can only hold about 2 hours and 14 minutes of video even if it has nearly no applications on it.
  • The bigger the video file, the harder it is to upload to another device. Rather than shooting a 10-minute video, try shooting two 5-minute videos. (Just be sure it satisfies your professor's requirements.)
  • Videos can be made smaller through compression. There are lots of applications for the iPad that will compress video for you. (Compressing video is a technique that makes the movie's file smaller by lowering the resolution of making the picture physically smaller.) Video Compressor is a free app that let's you control the size of the file.

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