Tips For Recording Video From a Tablet

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This article provides some helpful tips for recording videos using a tablet. There are several items to consider before hitting record to capture the best quality video possible. This article is intended for all audiences.


The first thing to consider before recording your video is the orientation. The orientation of the video will change depending on the way you hold the device. Holding the device vertically will create a Portrait view. Holding the device horizontally will create a Landscape view. The way you hold the device will change the way the video appears when shared. Think about what you are filming and which orientation would be best to capture your scene. For example if you are filming one basketball player demonstrating a dribbling technique it might be best to use a Portrait view to focus in on the details and one person. If you were trying to capture an entire basketball court or a concert stage a Landscape view might be a better option to capture the entire area.

Landscape Portrait.jpg


To capture a quality video it is important to keep your device very steady while recording.


Quick movements from one side to another can creating the image to blur. To achieve a steady capture you might consider setting up the device on flat surface or even using a tablet tripod. You might consider searching for tripods and mounts from online shopping sites like Amazon and search for "Tablet Tripods"Before selecting the record button make sure your device has focused on the items in the scenes. Selecting record before the device has time to focus can cause images to be captured out of focus.To focus your lens simply touch the screen on the area you would like to focus on. A yellow box will appear around the focused area. Another important piece to consider is the lighting. Make sure your device is set up in an area with plenty of light. Well lit areas will also help reduce blurs during quick movements.


When recording it is important to have your device in a quiet area and avoid unnecessary distracting background noise. For example you would not want to place your tablet by a fan or fish tank if you were trying to capture a classroom scene. Also be mindful of the placement of the microphone. The microphone is located at the top of device. Make if your finger or something covering it while recording audio will be muffled and unclear.

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