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About This Article

This article describes how mobile computing, specifically tablets, was piloted in the College Bound to transform the experience for potential WSU students.

Intended Audience

WSU instructors interested in past faculty experience with tablet devices in the classroom.

Fall 2013 iPad Pilot

Potential WSU students in this program had access to an iPad tablet to during their visit to WSU. This article recaps Professor Sinning's use of tablets to promote the college experience in the Fall of 2013 and into the following semesters.

How the iPads are Used in College Bound

High school students looking to begin college are using the iPads with our College Bound program, learning what college is like. Each week, high school students use the iPads to log onto their high school website to check their grades, and navigate college sites exploring how to find a course, register, sign up for the ACT, etc.

Professor Sinning hoped to realize the following objective in the pilot:

  • Expose potential WSU students to the proper use of technology in education. Due to the income level of the students, their access to technology is very limited. Exposing them to the appropriate use of technology and how to navigate websites to find and locate the correct information is essential. With their high school updating their grades and assignment information daily, they are now on a level playing field with their peers.


Changes in College Bound

  • The students were more in tune with how to access correct information and how it has impacted their school grades and potential to enter college. Watching how positively they have responded to using them has be wonderful. The access to the technology has been extremely impactful.


As College Bound continues, building into the course how and where in a university setting they would use an iPad as a tool for their success as a college student.

iPad Applications Employed in College Bound

Professor Sinning used the following applications in the College Bound iPad pilot:

  • Safari

Descriptions, pricing, and links to iTunes for each of these applications is available on the iPad Pilot Applications page.

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