Draft:DLC Fall 2017 Class Projects/Mary Jo Klinker

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Digital Learning Commons

Class Location, Days, Times, and Number of Students

  • Minne' Hall 103
  • Thursday, November 9 from 3:30-5:00pm

Overview of Project

This group video project looks to address the issues of image and narrative by producing a 3-4 minute movie on the way masculinities might be represented in popular culture. DLC project goals consist of preparing students to: (a) capture video using a variety of video capture technologies; (b) edit video suitable for task presentation (appropriate length, video quality, narration, and/or captioning) such as iMovie; (c) uploading videos to MediaSpace and posting fished projects to a D2L BrightSpace Assignment Submission Folder.

Requested Software/Technology

  • iMovie Basics (for Mac laptop)
  • MediaSpace

What We Will Cover

DLC STARS Assigned

  • Teaghen Bertz

Helpful Resources


iMovie 10.1.1


Accessing your MediaSpace account

  1. Use your favorite Web browser to go to https://mediaspace.minnstate.edu.
  2. Login with your StarID username and password. This takes you to your My Media page (Fig 1) in MediaSpace.