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About This Ariticle

Professor Brault is using WordPress in the creation of a static web page as a part of your English 439: Technical Writing. This project will entail you learning how to create your WordPress account, choose a static template to build your site, and begin to build out 3 layers of structure to communicate your project on five pages. We will provide a follow-up session (i.e. in class on Friday, November 9th) to answer questions/problems that arise as you begin to build your pages.

Class Location, Days, Times, and Number of Students

  • Minne' Hall 361
  • November 5th and 9th from 10:00 – 10:50 a.m

Project Software

Getting Started With WordPress

This project requires you to building a static website (i.e. not a blog). WordPress is a web-based tool that allows you to build both blogs and static websites for free. The following video for both mac and pc walks you through the process of getting your files organized into folders, creating your WordPress account, and the basics of building your website.

Video created by Maggie Gadbois, DLC STAR

Class Agenda

During our time in class, we will cover the following topics.

1. Create folders to get organized on your laptop.

2. Building a free WordPress site.

A. Choosing a template

B. Create a "static website" instead of a blog

C. Add 3 layers/5 pages

D. Link menu to Homepage on every sub-page

E. Links to internal and external pages - open in a new page

F. Import graphics and images

DLC STARS Assigned

  • Chad Kjorlien will assist in the classroom
  • DLC STARS will be available for 1:1 support
    • Phone: 507-457-2206
    • Email: dlc@winona.edu
    • 1:1 Support: Krueger Library #105

Other Resources