Gildemeister 156

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Room At A Glance

Capacity = 62

Room Type = Lecture hall

Seating = Fixed

Student Work Surface = Small desk

Display = Projector - Epson D6155W

Audio = Wall-mounted speakers

Boards = Chalkboard

Controls = Crestron QuickMedia

Video Conferencing (ITV) = No

Document Camera = Yes

DVD/VCR Player = Yes

Meets WSU classroom standards

Gildemeister 156 is a centrally scheduled classroom located on the first floor of Gildemeister Hall on the Winona campus. It is a 62-seat, pitched-floor, lecture-style classroom with seven rows of wooden chairs secured to the floor. The first six rows have nine seats each and the back row has eight seats. Each chair has a retractable arm with a small work surface. The room is oriented with the front facing west with windows on the south wall. There is a large chalkboard across the front wall and a projection screen mounted above it. There is a large, mobile teaching station at the front of the room.

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Special Features

  • Tiered seating
  • Chalkboard

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Maintenance History

  • December, 2011 - Replaced existing projector with an Epson D6155W.
  • Summer 2012 - A new hallway exit door was added in the northwest corner, allowing the room to be filled to capacity.