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Instructors use announcements in Brightspace courses to update, inform, and engage students. Announcements are displayed on the course homepage and usually include text, images, and links to other course activities or external resources. They can be posted manually, scheduled for automatic release, or released to each student conditionally. Instructors determine the order and number of announcements listed on the course homepage and students can receive notifications when announcements are posted and updated. Announcements can be personalized automatically using replacement strings.

Why announcements?

Brightspace course homepage announcements can play an important role in your course communication strategy. They can be...

  • Visible each time a student opens the course homepage, increasing the likelihood the information will be processed.
  • Noticed by students via notification messages in Brightspace on their laptops and Pulse on their phones.
  • Developed in advance and scheduled for automatic display on a specific date and time, allowing you to focus on other things.
  • Personalized using replacement strings and release conditions (e.g., after the student accomplishes something) to enhance teacher presence.
  • Copied and reused each time you offer the course, saving you time.


  • Post a Start Here announcement before the first day to orient students (Fig 1).
  • Begin the course with an announcement that includes an embedded welcome video.
  • Start each week with a greeting announcement and end it with a summary announcment.
  • Post reminders about approaching tests, deadlines, and due dates that include links to those activities.
  • Spotlight relevant current events, including links to news reports and other web resources.
  • Congratulate the class and praise individual students for accomplishing specific objectives.
  • Add multimedia postcards that include a personal picture or video, just to let your students know you're there.

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