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This article provides a checklist of the required and optional tasks involved in backing up personal and school-related files saved on the iPad provided through the E-Warrior Digital Life and Learning Program. Use this checklist as part of your normal backup routine or to prepare for an exchange or re-imaging. It is intended for both students and employees.

Your backup checklist

Everyone should back up any school-related and personal documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and media stored on their iPad internal storage. Depending on the applications you use and the way you back up, some of you may need to back up application-specific files. Listed below are articles covering these required and optional backup tasks for iPad users:

Everyone - Back up your school-related and personal files

The following documentation provides directions for backing up your files from your iPad to iCloud.

Optional - Back up application-specific files yourself as needed

The following, optional backup tasks can be completed without assistance, but don't hesitate to contact TLT ( with any questions.

Browser bookmarks

Notability When setting up your Notability you have many choices for configuring your backups. Please also check out our wiki article Important Notablity Backup Directions. Below are the two primary methods (i.e. Auto-backups and iCloud Sync) provided by Notablity.

Microsoft Word

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