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What are HTML templates?

HTML template overview

The default template package supplied by D2L comes with several purpose-built topic types, such as Course Introduction, Module Introduction, Meet Your Facilitator, Basic page, Elements page, Image Editing, Video Lecture, and Conclusion pages.

  • The Course Introduction page features a full-screen image for visual impact, and a clean area for course description.
  • The Module Introduction page features a prominent banner image across the top and a numbered list can be used to list a module’s learning objectives. This makes it ideal as the first page of a module in a course.
  • The Meet Your Facilitator page can serve as a dedicated space to present facilitator’s expertise, experience and personality.
  • The Basic page is a general-purpose layout.
  • The Elements page includes samples of some commonly used page elements which you can copy to other pages.
  • The Image editing page illustrates the different ways images can be used.
  • The Video Lecture page is a great way to present video content, while accompanying it with supporting context, explanations and activities.
  • The Conclusion makes an excellent page to conclude each module.

Downloading templates to your course

At the time of this article, the D2L supplied templates are at version 2.0.

Importing the templates into your course

Applying the templates to your content

Additional information

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