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What Cengage MindTap does

Deliver online homework that includes videos, assessments, study tools and seamless access to the eTextbook. Craft personalized, engaging experiences that boost performance and deliver access to study tools and more.

Integrating MindTap into your course

There are full instructions for adding MindTap to your course on the Cengage support site.

Using MindTap

There are complete instructions for adding Cengage Mindtap to your course on the Minnesota State support site.

There is a Cengage quick start guide you can share with your students. It gives concise instructions and alleviates stress at the same time.

Account creation

Check out the step-by-step instructions from the Cengage support site.

Assessing student work

If the MindTap elements you selected included graded items that were added to the Gradebook, you can verify the entries by selecting Grades from the course navigation menu and then accessing Manage Grades.

When a student completes an activity designated for grade synchronization, the score will automatically report to the corresponding column in the Brightspace Learn Grade Center. Only items explicitly selected in the Content Selector will have a grade column.

Please DO NOT edit the name of the grade center items after import. Doing so may cause grade synchronization to fail in a course that is copied forward for use in another term.

Relinking MindTap assignments

  1. Delete all of the MindTap links within your Content Modules
  2. Delete all MindTap grade columns from your gradebook (you have already completed this)
  3. Re-link the MindTap assignments
    1. Go to Course Admin
    2. Go to Course Builder
    3. From the Add Content box drag and drop the Cengage icon into the module where you need to link assignments
    4. Click on Select Content of the MindTap course you’re using
    5. On the Content Selector screen click on the assignment(s) that you need to link to that module (be sure that Add to Gradebook is also selected)
    6. Repeat steps c-e as needed
  4. Force an LMS sync from your MindTap gradebook to your D2L gradebook
    1. Launch into your MindTap gradebook
    2. Select Gradebook Actions (top right of the screen)
    3. Select Force LMS Sync

You should then see your grades start to trickle through into your D2L gradebook.

More Information

Minnesota State Knowledge Article: Cengage Mindtap Integration (KA# 1547)

Cengage Support: MindTap on Brightspace Training Resources

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