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Project Details

Professor Ann Loth uses LinkedIn Learning in her course to augments skills you might need additional help with. In this resource, you will find instructions for accessing your LinkedIn Learning account and some of the key basics to using this tool.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning (https://www.linkedin.com/learning) is an online learning platform licensed by Winona State University that provides access to thousands of self-paced courses led by professional instructors. Any Winona State University student or employee can sign in to LinkedIn Learning using their StarID credentials. Courses consist of a series of short videos designed to help you develop your creative, technical, and business skills. LinkedIn Learning provides continuous, self-service access to videos via multiple devices, at home or on the go, online or offline. When you finish a course, download a certificate of completion and share it through social media and your online resume, where employers can identify your skills and professional interests. Instructors can curate collections of LinkedIn videos, share them with students, and monitor their progress.

Activate your LinkedIn Learning account

Before you can start using LinkedIn Learning, you will need to activate your Winona State University account. This involves signing in to the LinkedIn Learning website using your StarID credentials, deciding whether to connect your LinkedIn Learning account with your LinkedIn account, and selecting several topics of interest. Your account will remain active as long as you are a Winona State University student or employee.

Common Functions Learners may want to do

URL to use for LinkedIn Learning: https://www.linkedin.com/learning Remember to select Sign in with your organization account when you sign in.

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