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There are thousands of Android applications already out there and more being added every day. These are just some of the top apps for you to consider when looking for social networking apps to install on your Android Tablet.

These apps can be loaded to your Android tablet from the "Google Play Store" icon found on your Android tablet.



This is a free dedicated Android app. It offers full-featured service and is great for those of you that want to be able to access your FaceBook site from your Android tablet.

FriendCaster for Facebook

FriendCaster improves upon Facebook's interface by providing a much better news feed and wall experience -- including a custom news feed called "FriendStream" that provides real-time updates in an almost Twitter-like fashion -- and an improved photo album interface.


Twitter for Android

Editors' Choice award winning "Twitter for Android" is considered the best free mobile Twitter client available.

TweetCaster for Twitter

A great Twitter app for your Android tablet.

Combination Apps


This is a free app that allows users to create numerous social network streams and view them in a friendly interface. You are able to dispatch messages to multiple networks simultaneously.

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