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This article provides an introduction to the HP EliteBook x360 G2 keyboard. It is intended for all students and employees participating in the E-Warrior Digital Life and Learning Program scheduled to receive a new laptop in summer 2017.

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Introducing the HP EliteBook X360 G2 keyboard

Laptops take advantage of Hotkeys or Function Keys to conserve space on the keyboard. The most common of these are indicated on the image below with descriptions provided above. To activate these keys you will need to first select the function key (i.e. found on the bottom left corner in blue on the image below) combined with the desired function key to activate these features. X360 G2 Keyboard.jpg


Special Keys
Key Description
#1(f1) Display key for switching screens on projectors and monitors.
(f2) Privacy zone viewing of screen allows you to prevent other from side-angle viewing of your screen.
#2(f3) Decrease screen brightness as you hold down key.
#3(f4) Increase screen brightness as you hold down key.
#5(f5) Mute or restore speaker sound.
#5(f6) Decreases speaker volume as you hold down key.
#6(f7) Increases speaker volume as you hold down key.
#7(f8) Mutes the laptop microphone.
#8(f9) Turns on keyboard backlight.
#9(f10) Num Lock activates keys for 10-key functionality on keypad.
#10(f11) Wireless key allows you to deactivate all connectivity for air travel.
#11(f12) Provides quick access to your Skype for Business calendar.
#12(f13) Turns the screen sharing function on or off.
#13(f14) Allows you to answer Skype for Business calls.
#14(f15) Ends Skype for Business calls.

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