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H5P creates HTML5 interactive modules that can be included directly into a Brightspace course. H5P content engages the student in low-stakes activities that can be used to assess mastery with grades imported directly into the Brightspace gradebook. H5P is funded by the System Office as part of a long-term pilot program.

What H5P offers

There are many types of interactive content available in H5P. As the author, you create H5P content and then pull it into your Brightspace course in the appropriate spot.

Here are some of the main types of content available in H5P:

  • Low-stakes assessment. All the classics, like multiple-choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blanks, plus more innovative options like find-the-words, drag-and-drops, and much more.
  • Interactive content. Interactive videos, memory games, ordering timeline events, ...
  • Study aids. Flashcards, Cornell notes, dialog cards, ...
  • Learning tasks. Crosswords, guess the answer, ...
  • Presentation tools. Interactive slideshows, accordion text, sliding images, collages, ...
  • Interactive book. Bring a large set of H5P content together into a single book. Brightspace considers this a single entity, making inclusion in a course fast and easy.

There is a full list and examples of H5P content at https://h5p.org/content-types-and-applications.

Requesting access to H5P

Getting H5P added to your course

After you are told you are in the pilot, you will need to register the courses in which you are going to use H5P with the System Office.

You must fill out a form for each section in Brightspace that will include H5P content. The objective of the form is to notify the System Office which sections need the H5P integration, well, integrated. They will install the H5P External Learning Tool in each section you request.

You can find the request form here. Complete it once for each section in which you wish to use H5P, but not before you are told you are part of the pilot.

Creating content

Before any H5P content can be integrated into a Brightspace course, the content must be created within H5P itself. There is the normal H5P website (https://h5p.org/) and there is a special address for the Minnesota State pilot (https://minnstate.h5p.com/). Anything that you create in h5p.org will NOT be available in Brightspace. (And you may be solicited to pay for an account.) Only content created in minnstate.h5p.com will be available to your courses.

To create content for your course:

  1. Become familiar with the content types supported by H5P.
  2. Select a content type and design your first content module on paper.
  3. Learn the ins and outs of the interface for your content type.
  4. Go to https://minnstate.h5p.com/content, click Add Content in the top left corner, and create your content.

Once you have your content complete, you should see it in the My Content area of the page.

H5P includes an area where you can take experiment with the interface before you create real content. Click this link to take H5P for a spin. (You might want to wait until you are part of the pilot. If not, you will need to use an email address to create a guest account and using your WSU email address for a free account might cause issues when your real account is created.)

Including H5P content in your Brightspace course

  1. Go to Materials and select Content.
  2. Create/go to the desired module in the table of contents.
  3. Click the Existing Activities button and select H5P from the pop-up menu.
  4. Scroll to the desired H5P content and click the Insert button to the right of the content descriptor.

Assessing mastery through H5P

H5P automatically exports assessment scores to your Brightspace gradebook.

Grades from individual content

By default, each H5P content piece you include in your course will create a grade item in your gradebook. If you are using several questions, you will get several grade items.

If this is a problem, email TLT and TLT will offer ways to simplify your gradebook.

Grades from H5P books

The big exception to the one-grade-item-per-interaction is interactive books. You can create an interactive book in H5P that can contain many questions but only causes the addition of one grade item in the gradebook.

More Information

Minnesota State Knowledge Article: H5P Integration (KA# 2342)

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