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Use the Zoom web portal to schedule a Zoom meeting. Configure the meeting to meet your needs. Schedule standalone, recurring, and persistent meetings. Assign alternative hosts, add a password, pre-build breakout groups, and more.

Schedule a meeting

Sign in to the Zoom web portal at and follow the steps below:

  1. Select Sign In, you will be prompted to use your StarID and password
  2. Select Meetings from the tabs on the left.
  3. Select the Schedule a Meeting button (Fig 1).
  4. Enter a topic (i.e., meeting name) and description (optional)
  5. Enter timing information
  6. Set your meeting options.
  7. Select Save to finish.


Single meeting

The New Meeting screen defaults to a single meeting, starting at a specific date and time, and lasting for a set duration.

Recurring meeting

Select the Recurring checkbox if you wish to schedule multiple meetings at specific times, lasting for a set duration, but that repeat daily, weekly, or monthly.

Persistent meeting

Select the Recurring checkbox and select No Fixed Time from the Recurrence menu to create a meeting that never ends and can be used repeatedly, similar to your Personal Meeting. This is a popular choice for instructors who want to create a persistent room for a course that they can use for multiple purposes (e.g., class meetings, office hours).

Configure options

Configure the remainder of the options to meet your needs (Fig 2).

Meeting password

Select Require a meeting password to reveal a text box into which you can enter a password that attendees will require to join the meeting.


Decide whether you want the host and/or participant cameras activated automatically upon joining the meeting. In some meetings, participants would rather decide when to activate their cameras themselves. In other cases, you may not want attendees to be queried about starting their own cameras.


By default, participants can choose whether to listen to meeting audio and talk using their computer speakers and microphone, respectively, or whether they want to call into the meeting on their phones. If you don't need telephone access you can disable it. For most meetings, it's best to leave this set to Both.

Meeting options

  • Check Enable join before host if you want participants to be able to join the meeting before the host arrives.
  • Check Mute participants upon entry if you want to do just that. Do not check this option if you are planning to use the Zoom meeting in a video conferencing room (i.e., ITV room).
  • Check Enable waiting room if you would like to use the waiting room feature during a meeting to control participants' entry into the main room.
  • Check Only authenticated users can join if you want participants to sign into the Minnesota State Zoom system before joining the meeting. This will require attendees to use their StatID username and password and will allow you to identify them easily when they join.
  • Check Breakout Room pre-assign to create breakout rooms and assign attendees to those rooms in advance. You can bulk upload the room assignments using a template.
  • Check Record the meeting automatically to activate the Record feature as soon as the meeting starts. Select On the local computer or In the cloud to specify the eventual location of the recording.
  • Add Alternative Hosts by entering their email address, separated by commas. All alternative hosts must have active Minnesota State Zoom host accounts and they must sign into the meeting using their StarID username and password to be recognized as hosts.

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