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This article includes instructions for students to manually create Top Hat accounts and faculty to manually invite students into their Top Hat courses. It is intended for instructors and students.

The difference between manual account creation and manual invitation

The simplest way to get students into your Top Hat course is to link it to a D2L course and let Top Hat import the classlist. At that point, it is a single click to invite all students to the class. For more information on this process, refer to Sending Top Hat course invitations to students.

If, however, you decide to not link to your D2L course or you want to invite someone that is not a part of the classlist, you can add them manually. There are two ways this can be done:

  • Students can manually create a Top Hat account and select your class from the list of available courses at Winona State University. This process is a bit cumbersome and prone to error as all steps are performed manually.
  • The professor can manually invite students into the class by sending manual invitations to the students being asked to join. This process is more reliable as the manual invitation steps the student through the account creation and automatically added the student to the correct course.

The following sections describe the steps in each of these two processes.

Creating a Top Hat student account

Students can create Top Hat accounts manually. There are video instructions available that demonstrate the step-by-step process.

Manually inviting students

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Faculty can manually invite students to a class through the Student Manager module of Top Hat. The Student Manager is located at the top of the Top Hat window with the Content Manager and the gradebook.

To enter the Student Manager, click on the word Student at the top of the window. From there, select the Invite Students function from the menu. (See the image at right.) The Invite Students dialog lets the faculty manually invite students by adding student emails to the invitation box. Emails can be entered manually or copied and pasted, perhaps from a spreadsheet. Student emails must be entered one per line with no delimiters between the addresses.

Once all addresses are entered, scroll down and click Submit to send the email invitations.

Click to view sample invite

An example of a invitation from Top Hat can be seen on the right.

Videos from Top Hat Support

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