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If you are exchanging your laptop, you will need to restore your files from a backup that you created on a network drive, external media or OneDrive. You probably will want to restore your bookmarks from your favorite browsers. If you were using programs that were not part of the basic WSU image, these programs will need to be reinstalled.

Install Programs

Programs not on your device and updates to your computer are done through the tool called the Software Center. For more information check out the following article.

Select where you stored your backup

Restore Outlook Archives

If you backed up your archive.pst file, you will need to copy this file to your new laptop and configure Outlook to use it.

Browser bookmarks/favorites

Instructions on how import your browser favorites and bookmarks from a backup for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Also with how to make your browser homepage.

Everyone - Customize your taskbar

To add an icon to your taskbar, go to the Start Menu or All Apps to find the program your want to Pin to your Taskbar. Do a right-click on the icon and select More > Pin to taskbar.

KeePass database

KeePass will need to be reinstalled on your new computer. You can install this program from the Control Panel. View instructions on how to install KeePass. KeePass creates an encrypted database with an .kbdx extension. You will want to copy this file to your new computer and the first time you open KeePass browse to .kdbx file and location.

Office templates

Multi-factor authentication for Office 365

The Multi-factor authentication for Office 365 (MFA) is a tool we are excited to have everyone at WSU use to provide added security for all your devices. Please check out the following article to see if MFA is something you want to learn more about to protect accounts.

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