Prepare for the end of an academic term

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Caution.JPG REVISION IN PROGRESS: This article contains useful information, but is being revised to reflect recent updates. Direct questions to TLT (

All instructors and students should prepare for the end of an academic term by working through a checklist of technology-related tasks. It's important that you properly secure the work you accomplished during the previous term and store it somewhere it can be recovered easily if needed. Instructors also need to

ensuring that your files are stored securely, This article provides a checklist of technology-related tasks to help instructors prepare for the end of an academic term. It is intended for all instructors who use technology to facilitate teaching and learning. Depending on the tools you use, some of the checklist items may not apply. Items in this checklist include links to more information. If you need any additional help, please contact TLT (


Complete Brightspace wrap up tasks

If you used Brightspace to support any of your courses this term:

  1. Release your final course grades. If you want your students to see their final grades in Brightspace, you must release them. Remember, these are not official grades and you still need to submit those using the Minnesota State Faculty eServices online form.
  2. Prepare final course grades for Minnesota State import. If you want to import your final course grades from Brightspace to the Minnesota State eServices site, rather than entering them manually, you must first convert them into an approved letter format.
  3. Back up your courses. Now is a great time to create a backup copy of this semester's courses.

Complete Brightspace start up tasks

If you plan on using Brightspace next term and want to get a head start:

  1. Request course merges. If you want to combine any of your individual Brightspace courses scheduled for next term into one, larger course, you can now initiate these merges yourself.
  2. Copy course components from previous semesters. Save time by copying forward various D2L course components from previous courses.