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Add release conditions to Brightspace announcements to make the display of an announcement contingent upon the student meeting a selected criterion or set of criteria. For example, you could display a congratulatory announcement when a student submits a certain assignment, participates in a specific discussion topic, or achieves a certain score on a test.

What are release conditions?

Instructors use release conditions in Brightspace courses to provide access to selected course elements only after a student has met a criterion or set of criteria. Release conditions can be used to structure the learning experience and map clear pathways for students by controlling access to course content, activities, and assessments based on demonstrated competencies or achievements. Release conditions can also help personalize the course by providing a more individuated experience and increasing perceived teacher presence.

Announcement examples

Release a special announcement to students who...

  • Scored higher than a certain value on the midterm exam.
  • Had trouble with certain questions on the weekly quiz, including a link to additional practice questions.
  • Haven't yet submitted their first draft of a written assignment by a certain date
  • Participated in the weekly discussion topic by posting more than the required number of threads or replies.

Add release condition

  1. Open the announcement in edit mode
  2. Under Additional Release Conditions, add the release condition or conditions
  3. The Conditional Release icon will now be listed next to the announcement headline in the announcement list (Fig 1)

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