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Intended Audience

This article is intended for instructors interested in using Brightspace Quiz tool for online assessments in their courses.


The Quiz tool allows you to create customized submission views so students can view not only their scores on the exam, but these allow you to show what questions they answered correctly or incorrectly. You can choose when the submission view is to be released, what the statistics were in the individual item for the class. You also have the choice to show the correct answer was to each question.

Creating a Submission View

  1. Go to the course you wish to add a quiz and access the Assessments menu and choose Quizzes.
  2. Select the quiz you want to create a Submission View.
  3. Choose the Submission Views tab.
  4. Click on the Add additional views button.
  5. Give your view a detailed name (e.g. Show all, with correct answers along with the individual student answers.)
  6. Keep the IP restriction and Limited Duration boxes unchecked.
  7. Show Questions:Yes If you choose this option, you will need to choose from the following items
    • Show questions answered incorrectly
    • Show questions answered correctly
    • Show all questions without user responses
    • Show all questions with users responses
    • You may choose to Show question answers if you want to have students see the correct answer.
    • You also want to Show question score and out of score if you use a multipart question that you want to show sub-scores on items.
  8. Show Questions: No If you choose this option, the student will see nothing but an overall score on the quiz Submission View.
  9. Unser Score you can show attempts score and overall attempts score for the class.
  10. Under the Statistics section you can choose to show the class average and class distribution.
  11. Choose the Save button and this will now be the submission view students see after taking the exam or after the View Restrictions date you set for this view.

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