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Intended Audience

This article is intended for instructors interested in using Brightspace Quiz tool for online assessments in their courses.


Because teachers are not able to take the quizzes they create, there are often questions about what happens when students take them. This article covers some of the quiz experiences from the student perspective.

How your quiz looks to your students


When you created your quiz, you included appropriate questions, you assigned point values, you declared the number of questions per page, and configured several other quiz properties. All of these important details come together when your students take the quiz.

At right is a typical quiz page. The rows of icons at the top left of the quiz directly under Page 1: (they are numbered 1 through 9) represent the questions in this quiz. (Note: Although this image came from D2L, D2L recommends no more than five questions on a quiz page.) The larger column on the right contains the questions you included in the quiz and it is here that the students give their answers. Students can scroll through the questions in the larger column on the right or click the question-numbered icon to move directly to the question.

At the bottom of the quiz window is a textual indicator of how far the student has gotten in completing the quiz as well as the button to submit the quiz upon completion.

How answers are saved


Answers are automatically saved as the student works through the quiz. Here are a couple things to know about autosaving:

  • All question types are automatically saved when the student makes a selection with the exception of written response questions. (See below.)
  • Written response questions fall into two categories: regular text and HTML-based answers.
    • Regular-text questions are autosaved every 10 to 15 seconds. This could mean that the question will autosave several times during the process of crafting an answer. The Event Log will show each of the autosaves as well as a character count for each.
    • HTML-based answers are not autosaved until the student clicks outside of the text-entry box. This is a known issue and D2L is working on fixing it.
  • If a student goes back and makes changes to an answer, that question is again autosaved.

Notice the question icons in the highlighted box at the top left of the image. Questions that have been completed and autosaved are indicated with a checkmark inside the icon. (Like the icon for question 2.)

Individual questions in the right column are marked as "Saved" once the autosave is complete. While the autosave is in progress, the question is flagged as "Saving." (See the smaller highlighted boxes in the image.)

Here is a video that shows exactly how the questions behave during a quiz session:

What happens if Internet connectivity is lost?


If something should happen that the Internet connection is lost during the quiz, student answers are buffered and the message at left is displayed. Once Internet connectivity is re-established, the buffered questions are autosaved and the message goes away.

Submitting the finished quiz


The student will proceed with the quiz until all questions are answered and saved. There are several ways to know when that is accomplished, the easiest being either checking the question icons at the top left to be sure they all have checkmarks or to see the textual message at the bottom of the quiz that states all questions are completed. (For this quiz, that text indicator would read "10 out of 10 questions saved" when the quiz is complete.)

When the quiz is complete and the student is ready to submit the quiz, she would click the Submit Quiz button at the bottom of the quiz and it would be submitted for assessment.

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