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Recording in CaptureSpace Lite and Uploading to MediaSpace

1.) Go to http://mediaspace.minnstate.edu/ and login with your STAR ID.

2.) Select Add New in the top right corner and select CaptureSpace Lite from the dropdown. This will launch the desktop recorder. (NOTE: If you have not used CaptureSpace Lite before you will have to download the recorder. Select the correct version for your computer and download the application. It may take a few minutes to download. Once downloaded go back to Mediaspace and complete Step # 2 again)

MS 1.jpg

3.) The recorder has 4 recording options. Select the SCREEN & WEBCAM option in the top right corner. Your selection will determine whether you record your screen, webcam, or audio.

Capturespace 3.jpg

4.) Select the FULL SCREEN button on the next page, and then select RECORD.

Screen Capture full screen.jpg

5.) A countdown will appear on the screen and your image in the corner. Select your PowerPoint and put the PowerPoint into slideshow. This will have the slides fill your entire screen.

6.) Next position your webcam by clicking and dragging it to where you would like it to be. You will want to make sure you do not cover up any of your photos or text on your slides. You can also adjust the size of the web camera by drag the edges of your image to make it larger or smaller.

7.) Once your camera is in the correct position click on the PowerPoint slide and start your presentation.( NOTE: You will want to make sure your PowerPoint is selected so you can advanced the slides)

Click on PPT.jpg

8.) The recording panel helps you control the recording process.

COntrol Panel.jpg

  • If during your recording you need to pause, select the PAUSE button from the control panel below the video.
  • If you would like to start your recording over, select CANCEL from the control panel. Selecting OK on the next screen will permanently delete your recording.
  • If you would like to draw on your slides, use the DRAW controls to configure your tools.

9.) When you are done, click DONE on the control panel to save a copy of the video on your computer and present a preview screen. At this point, you can perform simple edits to the recording.

DONE Recording.jpg

10.) To cut the ends of your video select TRIM from the left column of the timeline. Pull the blue dots/handle from each side of the video timeline so only the section when your PowerPoint was in slideshow view is between each end. The sections that are grey will be cut from your video.

TRIM Feature.jpg

11.) Next select APPLY in the bottom right corner to apply the edits.

12.) Your new video will launch. If you are happy with your video, select DONE in the bottom right corner.
NOTE: If you would like to start over select CANCEL and then PREVIEW. This will launch your original video and you can start editing again.

Apply Changes.jpg

13.) Next title your video and select UPLOAD. This will store the video in your MediaSpace account.


14.) Once the process is completed, you can optionally select the link within the window and go into MediaSpace to view your recording. Do not copy this link to share your video. It is not the link to your recording. It may take a few minutes for your video to appear in MediaSpace. (If it has been more than 5 minutes and your video has not appeared in MediaSpace, try refreshing your page or logging back in.)

15.) To post your video to D2L follow Posting from MediaSpace to D2L Assignments or Posting from MediaSpace to D2L Discussions.


Posting your recording to Brightspace

If you are going to post your recording to Brightspace, instructions are available:

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