Changing Kaltura Capture video layout

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Changing Kaltura Capture video layout to meet your specific screen recording needs allows you to go into very detailed sections of your screen to comprehensive views of your entire laptop screen. In this article, we cover the process of configuring your instance of Kaltura Capture to meet the needs of your video.

Changing Kaltura Capture Video Layout

1. Launch the Kaltura Capture video application on your computer. 2. From the Screen menu choose the Select Area option.


3. By default Kaltura Capture will provide a Custom area of 800x606 region of your screen. You can choose to increase this size by selecting from the pulldown menu larger standard sizes (1000x750, 1280x960, 1600x900, and 1600x1280).


4. Or you can choose to select by grabbing one of the corners of the capturing layout screen and scaling it to the specific size you would like.


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