Creating Quiz Reports: Item Analysis

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Intended Audience

WSU instructors using Desire2Learn or those interested in using this instructional management system in the future to conduct item analysis on their quiz questions.


This article describes how instructors can create reports for analyzing quiz question to assess question quality. Instructors can set date restrictions, view, export, and analyze reports as they evaluate question quality within the built in html report viewer or export to external statistical software packages for additional analysis.

How to run an item analysis report on quizzes

Before you can run a quiz report you will need to set up the report within the quiz. See directions for creating a quiz report here. When you set up the quiz report you will want to select the Questions Statistic option and all sub-options in this section of the report setup form so you can conduct an item analysis. Now you can run your item analysis report.

Steps to run item analysis

Step 1: Go to the Assessment menu and select Quizzes. From the list of quizzes select the pull-down menu to right of one you want to create a report for and select Reports.

D2L Quiz Reports 1.png

Step 2: From the Report List select the report you wish to run (example below is Question Stats, but this could also have User stats, or an attempts reports).

D2L Quiz Reports 2.png

Step 3: Once you are in the View Report screen (see below) you can choose to set specific dates to run this analysis on and then either select the Generate CSV Report button to conduct analysis (i.e. export this to Excel, SPSS, SAS) or simply select the Generate HTML Report button and you can view the D2L generated report without having to do any analysis.

D2L Quiz Reports 3.png