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Winona State University supports several tools instructors can use to gather and review student multimedia assignments, including student-created image, audio, and video files. Students can upload these files to our Kaltura MediaSpace media server and then share links to those files with instructors and other students. They can also embed their MediaSpace files into Brightspace assignment folder submissions or discussion topic posts.

Multimedia assignment examples

  • Narrated PowerPoint presentations
  • Videos Screen capture videos
  • Webcam videos

Student media publishing options

Don't use Brightspace

Brightspace is not a streaming media service. Although large image, audio, and video files can be uploaded to Brightspace, this is not a good practice and can increase the time it takes to download and review those files, especially from off-campus with a slower network connection. Small image files are fine, but large audio and video files should never be uploaded to Brightspace directly. Instead, they should be uploaded to MediaSpace and then linked to in Brightspace.


Kaltura MediaSpace is a fully-supported, cloud-based streaming media service that instructors and students can use to store, manage, and share image, audio, and video files. All Winona State University students and employees have their own, private MediaSpace accounts that they can access by browsing to and using their StarID username and password to log in. Students can upload multimedia files to their MediaSpace accounts from their laptops or phones and share them with instructors in several ways. MediaSpace is integrated with Brightspace and Zoom.

Brightspace integration

From any activity that uses the Brightspace HTML Editor, students can search their MediaSpace media library from within Brightspace. Students can also embed MediaSpace assets into the the editor. This includes Brightspace assignment folder submissions, discussion topic posts, and written response quiz questions.

Zoom integration

All Zoom recordings stored in the cloud are copied to the meeting host's MediaSpace account automatically, assuming the host has logged in to MediaSpace at least once.

Unsupported services

Currently, WSU does not support any other media storage and streaming services for the purpose of publishing student academic coursework, except in very specific cases (e.g., Mass Communication students learning about YouTube in a social media course). Instructors and students should use these services at their own risk.

Student media sharing options

Once uploaded to their MediaSpace account, students can share access to their files with instructors in several ways:

Link to the MediaSpace media page

Students can share a link to the image, audio, or video file with instructors, who then can use that link to browse to the file in the student's MediaSpace account and review it. Students can share the link with their instructors in several ways:

  • Email it to an instructor directly
  • Paste it into a Brightspace discussion topic post, allowing other students to review and discuss it
  • Paste it into a Brightspace assignment folder submission that only the instructor and student can access
  • Paste it into any other shared page on OneDrive, OneNote, or Teams

Embed the MediaSpace file into Brightspace

Students can use the Insert Stuff button in the Brightspace HTML Editor to browse their MediaSpace library and select and embed a media file from their account. They can do this in:

  • Brightspace discussion topic posts
  • Brightspace assignment folder submissions
  • Brightspace Written Response quiz question in which the HTML Editor has been enabled

Add instructor as collaborator

Students can assign their instructors to have collaborator access to any of their MediaSpace files, allowing the instructors to access those files from their own MediaSpace accounts.

Student instructions

Instructor instructions

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